Simple + Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - Eucalyptus + Flower Centerpiece

After admitting in my brie toast and cranberry appetizer recipe that I was secretly happy the holiday season was here, this roundup of Thanksgiving table decor probably isn’t a surprise.

The stress of decorating for Christmas can be overwhelming, but the joy (and simplicity) of sprucing up your holiday table is so easy and can be done without a lot of fanfare.

These Thanksgiving table decor ideas all use greens, flowers, and seasonal produce that’s inexpensive and easy to get your hands on (and easy to transition from your natural fall decor to your natural winter home decor). . .

Get complete lists for what’s in season in fall and what’s in season in winter for more inspiration!

white pumpkin centerpiece photo

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - Apple Eucalyptus Table Runner

This simple table centerpiece combines eucalyptus leaves (a recurring item in these ideas) with beautiful red apples and ivory pillar candles.

I love the look of candles, but since these are set up without a holder or vase, consider a flameless pillar candle (in ivory). It’ll be safer and save you any waxy cleanup!

If you love that authentic candle vibe, however, try to find beeswax candles – they don’t drip much and are much safer to burn in your home. If you have a local beekeeping or honey, store, however, they’ll sell the candles and, often, candle making kits!

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Apple Eucalyptus Centerpiece Photo

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - Eucalyptus + Flower Centerpiece

I’m such a sucker for mini pumpkins and especially white pumpkins (as evidenced by my front porch pumpkin and succulent decor for fall).

So many of the Thanksgiving table decor setups I’ve seen have name tags. I don’t know about your family, but assigned seating just wouldn’t fly in my family.

I do love the idea of beautiful place settings, however. This simple setup includes a basic woven charger (a year round item really), dinner and salad plates, a napkin, and the cute white pumpkin.

As for those cute assigned seating ideas, I did see some options for using the same idea but writing “grateful” or something similar. If you’re at a small family gathering (or hosting an easy Friendsgiving get-together), you could even write out the family name if you want!

White Pumpkin Place Setting Photo

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - Eucalyptus + Flower Centerpiece

I’m not exactly sure which part of this beautiful setup is my favorite, so let’s just talk about them all. Under the tiered white marble tray (I also love this rounded plate tiered server) are a ton of eucalyptus leaves and flowers. You could easily add in some dried flower decor as well!

I see white dahlias, mini roses, and (I think) elderberries. It’s a magnificent setup made with simply beautiful pieces.

Now for the other details. The Thankful napkin ring is such a perfect touch.

It pairs perfectly with the  gold silverware, pink napkin, and that adorable gold-rimmed champagne coupe glass. And here’s a list of everything you need for the perfect Thanksgiving Appetizer Board setup!

Serve one of these festive prosecco serving ideas (fancy but so easy) or if you’re doing the whole shebang, try one of these easy Thanksgiving desserts.

Eucalyptus + Flower Centerpiece Photo

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas - Eucalyptus + Flower Centerpiece

And last but certainly not least is this pumpkin, nut, and fig leaf centerpiece. In addition to an assortment of pumpkins in all shapes, sizes, and colors, layer the fig leaves and nuts in the shell.

This idea also uses small votive candles (a flameless option). I think these glass candle holders would be the perfect final touch in this setup.

Although the centerpiece is easy and fun, however, it’s the plaid tablecloth that really makes this setup work.

You can also try an easy Thanksgiving craft to add a very personal touch to your table!

Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece Photo

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