4 Black Shirt Outfits

Black Button Down Outfit

The mornings are cooling off and I’m eeking into my fall outfit ideas (or daydreaming about it at least). My loose fitting button down top is the first thing I’m reaching for and these black button down outfits are on repeat.

Black Button Down Shirt Woman

Black Button Down Outfits

My friends have started poking fun at me for how often I wear black rather than bolder, brighter colors – all in love of course.

What can I say? Besides black being a flattering color, it’s also not quite as memorable, which makes wearing and rewearing outfits that much easier.

But, let’s be real, black is also just a key part of my style and I know my style!

Black Button Down Outfit with Heels

So back to black button down outfits. The thing I love about a good button down (and preferably one that isn’t stiff) is how versatile it is!

Were I to come up with a capsule collection, it would absolutely include one (or three) of these tissue cotton shirts!

I can easily tuck it into pants with heels and be ready for a work meeting!

White Cup in Hand with LAGOS Ring
Black Button Down Outfit Idea with Jeans + Loafers

Casual Button Down Outfit

Of course you know I’ll throw it on with jeans and my favorite loafers. This is such a go-to ensemble for me.

Luci Pulling hair into ponytail

You’ll notice in many of these photos that I have the sleeves rolled up above my elbows.

This is obviously an early fall way to wear the button down shirts.

As the temps cool down for the whole day, I’ll have the sleeves all the way down and eventually I’ll start layering tanks underneath.

And if I’m lucky, I’ll layer some long sleeves beneath as well!

Black Button Down Outfit with Blazer

And then comes my all time favorite blazer (my favorite style for autumn blazers)!

This plaid blazer is also another key piece in my wardrobe. I’ve worn it with my black lace jogger pants, with a sleeveless turtleneck, and even my linen pants ensembles.

Until it’s really cool enough for all the layers, I’ll just wear the blazer over my shoulders.

For another causal blazer look, get inspired by this blazer with jeans and sneakers ensemble – dressed up or down with a change of shoes of color of denim!

Aren’t the details on the blazer (especially those elbow patches) just so much fun?

This plaid blazer and this blazer in herringbone would also be fabulous!

Casual Black Button Down Outfit

And finally, super casual! My black button down adds a bit of pizazz to my boyfriend jeans and my sustainable VEJA sneakers! So happy in my loose, comfy jeans.

Photography by Sacramento Photographer Val Leddy

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