How to Wear Olive Green Chinos

How to Dress Up Olive Green Chinos Women

Wondering how to dress up chinos for a cooler but professional look? This olive chinos outfit idea is perfect inspiration for you and there are ideas for what shoes to wear with chinos as well as what colors go well with olive green.

How to Dress Up Olive Green Chinos Women

I didn’t understand chinos and khakis for a long time – I’m a denim aficionado afterall, but now I’m LOVING olive green and even khaki pants in feminine cuts (i.e. not slacks). This is my basic olive chinos outfit, but there are also ideas below for shoes to wear this chinos for women and all the colors that go with olive green pants.

How to Dress Up Olive Green Chinos Outfit Female

White Button Down Shirt | J. Crew Belt
KUT from the Kloth Chinos (similar chinos)
Louise et Cie Heels | Prada Tote | Burberry Sunnies | LAGOS X Ring

shoes to wear with chinos

The weather was hot in the valley and it felt wonderful to be in the warm sun. We came back to LA, to May Gray, and to temps in the 60s… Not exactly my ideal Memorial Day Weekend weather, but alas. 

I pulled out my comfortable pair of chinos and paired it with a few of my favorite accessories. These sandals scream summer to me, which certainly helps me deal with this prolonging cool. Pairing a sleek pair of sandals (heeled or not) is the ideal shoe to wear with chinos.

You could also do loafers or cute black flats (use code SF-LUCI-15 for 15% off). Check out these sustainable shoe companies for your wardrobe!

These are all must haves in your spring capsule wardrobe (and can easily work for mild summer and fall days)!

how to wear green pants

This olive green chinos outfit is so easy and perfect for spring fashion. With a few changes (namely a sleeveless top), it’ll transition easily into summer. Once I learned how to dress up olive green chinos, looking chic and staying comfortable in the summer heat has been a lot easier and a lot more fun!

Depending on what you’re doing, you can make chinos do whatever you like – from casual picnic vibe to workplace vibe. Treat them as work pants for work, casual pants for social plans (because they really can be), and dress them up as needed with a blazer and formal shoes.

Check out this black mules outfit for another easy green chinos outfit ideas with black shirt and accessories!

I’m still in love with white nail polish for my pedicures (and manicures when I get them). It’s the perfect color for summer – it’s bright; it’s classic; it’s fun!

What shoes to wear with chinos

Colors that go with Khaki Green

Once I viewed olive green as somewhat of a neutral, my world opened up. As someone who wears primarily white, black, tan, and denim, I usually wear khaki green with those basics.

In my perfect world black, brown, and whites are the perfect colors that go with khaki green pants, BUT I have been know to wear a bold pink and light pink (I know! Me!) with the darker hue of green. I actually really like navy and various shades of purple with it as well.

I would avoid yellows and oranges, but I generally avoid those colors, so that might be subjective!

Get this olive green chinos look. . .

what to wear with green pants

  • button down shirt (long sleeve and sleeveless)
  • Chambray Shirt or Denim Jacket
  • Blazers (black, white, or print)
  • sweaters in any color
  • fitted tanks/tees – tucked in
  • belt
  • heels
  • prints

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