Sustainable shopping can seem overwhelming. While it can take time to change habits and learn terminology, any step is a step in the right direction.

Below you’ll find information about go-to websites for sustainable shopping as well as roundups that include only eco-friendlier options and an ever growing list of articles explaining what various terms mean.

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Sustainable Shopping

While most websites offer at least some things that are more sustainable (linked below), there are also some great websites out there, making/selling clean and sustainable products even with responsible packaging.

And as you figure out more terms relevant to sustainable shopping, here are a few explanations – totally straightforward to help you get started.

Sustainable Fashion Brands

wearwell is my newest obsession. The site sells fashion, accessories, and homegoods from brands concerned and doing something about their environmental impact as well as caring about all the people involved in the product process. They sell my favorite denim brand (not even with the sustainable caveat – it’s that great of a brand) as well as gorgeous dresses and this bucket bag I can’t stop thinking about!

Pact is my go to for clothing basics for our whole family – undies, bras, tees, and I have my eye on their towels! Pact items are all made with organic cotton and in fair trade factories, so you can feel good about purchases for everybody in the house! I love their long sleeve tees for layering, their women’s undies, and their kids pajamas!

If you’re looking for a trendier sustainable shopping option, you’ll love Sézane. The French fashion house is a B Corp, uses sustainable materials, recycles clothing, and employs fair labor standards. To top it off, every piece of theirs is gorgeous. Their Conrad tee is a beautifully made closet staple. Their line of Parisian denim silhouettes are covetable. And their dresses are droolworthy! See my French summer style to see their everyday tee!

For feminine items, you’ll love Amour Vert. Their styles are created thoughtfully with long lasting use in mind. They aim to limit fabric waste, use sustainable materials, and offer a second hand selling platform. Their beautiful selection of blouses will blow you away! And their sustainable jeans selection can’t be beat!

For undies, I wholeheartedly love SUBSET (formerly Knickey). Read my full review of the sustainable underwear brand and make sure to do their size quiz. I find they run a bit big and have a lovely stretch. They also have an undergarment recycling program. Be sure to wash lingerie delicately.

And for Pajamas, these pajama sets are beautifully made and last forever!

Sustainable Shopping for Kids

Clean Beauty

The beauty industry has a LONG way to go in terms of the sustainability of their packaging – yes, even the clean beauty industry. While the packaging is difficult (check out these makeup recycling options, however), I believe that clean beauty is more sustainable in general. Everything we put on our skin washes down the drain and back into water supplies. Clean beauty is better for you and for the earth – ideal for sustainable shopping.

BeautyCounter is a leading clean beauty brand. Not only do they sell impeccably clean items (that are fabulous), they’re pioneering for changes in the US’s regulations on the beauty industry. They’re also improving the sustainability of their packaging and offer clear direction on what can and cannot be recycled.

Their absolute best product is their charcoal mask. For everyday skincare; their cleansing oil is absolutely wonderful; and the adaptive moisture lotion is an ideal basic (my husband even loves it)! You can see all my Beautycounter reviews & recommendations to get started (discount codes too)!

Osmia Organics is a lovely clean beauty brand with products for skin care and body. I always have a few bottles of the blemish oil (everywhere in my life) for minimizing any breakouts. The nectar drops are a must to add in to my moisturizer anytime my skin is feeling dry. And I think they have the best hand creams!

Esker makes beautiful body products and bath/shower time relaxation essentials. Their body plane is an essential in my shower routine, giving me soft skin regardless of shaving or not! The body oils are earthy and beautiful! And the bath salts come in compostable packaging! USE lucismorsels FOR 20% OFF YOUR ORDER.

Sustainable Home Shopping

When it comes to items around the house (mostly the kitchen), I have a few go tos. I like to keep things simple, figuring the small space we live in and the fewer items in our world, the better! You can also see my sustainable kitchen products with a few more options.

Ditch the single use (non-recyclable) plastic bags for reusable options (I love Stasher Bags) or even compostable zip-top bags. Available in gallon and sandwich sizes. Use code LUCI for 15% off orders over $45.

Replace paper towels (wrapped in non-reusable, non-recyclable plastic) with kitchen towels and cloth napkins. Read more about replacing paper towels here.

If there’s one thing I’m most happy we ditched, it’s plastic wrap. Check out beeswax wrap, Stasher bags, bowl covers, and any sealable containers to slowly start weaning off of it. I’d recommend starting to use these items before you run out of plastic wrap as it does require some time to get used to it.

Skip the plastic trash bags and use compostable trash bags that will begin to break down in weeks, not decades! Even if there’s no composting in your area. Use code LUCI for 15% off orders over $45 (same brand as compostable baggies, so stock up)!

Opt for laundry detergent that isn’t full of chemicals. We love ECOS brand detergent. Available in liquid detergent or sheets. The brand sells directly on Amazon, is available via Walmart (skip sponsored at top of page), and is found at many retailers big and small (e.g Costco, Sprouts, and Whole Foods)!

We use this stain remover by Puracy for the whole family and this all natural oxygen booster for overall brightening!

Swap your traditional toilet paper for Who Gives A Crap! toilet paper! Read my full sustainable toilet paper review here, but just know that I love it and we’re never going back!

if you’re looking for gift ideas, try and of these sustainable gifts for Everyone!