My Minimalist Makeup Routine

Minimalist Makeup

It’s taken me a few years, but I’ve finally got a complete clean, minimalist makeup routine.

Transitioning to a clean makeup routine (and beauty) is daunting at first and expensive. I recommend starting with items in your routine you often switch up (i.e. not that tried and true product you swear by). Once you get those taken care of, you can start on trying to find nontoxic alternatives to everything else.

I talk about how to find clean beauty and non toxic makeup brands because it isn’t straightforward. We’re also all busy, so shopping at your go-to stores makes it an easier process! 

Clean beauty is an important part of sustainable living (what we put on our skin matters as much as what we wash down the drain). Be sure to check out these other clean beauty roundups:

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Minimalist Makeup - Beautycounter

My Minimalist Makeup Routine

Below is everything in my clean makeup routine. My transition is taking longer than expected with so much time at home in the last few years and that whole becoming a mother thing. But my routine is perfectly right for me at the moment!

You can also see my clean beauty skincare routine as well as my go to clean hair products! Minimalist makeup is really only possible with good skin. I can’t recommend these Beautycounter products enough. They’ve really done great things for my skin!

Minimalist makeup - non toxic - Beautycounter priming serum


Primers are usually the first item I forget in my routine, but this one is pretty fantastic and having that moisturized base really makes your makeup stay in place!

This glow first priming serum goes on smoothly, giving you luminous, moisturized skin to leave on its own or to top with makeup.



I’ve been using this RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up concealer for a few years now. In addition to covering up areas, it also adds a nice hue or brightness – not in a shiny, oily…in a healthy skin looking way!

RMS Beauty is a clean beauty company that sells items in recyclable containers – often made of recycled materials and reusable!!

There are 16 shades, which is daunting. There’s a good showing of each of the shades here, and I guessed right on the number the first time (I’m #11), so it’s pretty helpful!


A lot of people hype up this tinted SPF Super Serum and I do love it. It’s wonderfully dewy, has SPF, and is only lightly scented.

For everyday wear, shake bottle, drop some into your palm, rub hands together, and press into skin like a serum.

To use as a foundation, shake bottle, drop some onto the back of your hand and dab onto skin with a foundation brush. Or use with a a beautyblender.

If you’re looking for a very lightweight tinted SPF, however, I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s perfectly lightweight, offers 50 SPF, and the container is curbside recyclable! I think it’s the best clean tinted moisturizer!

See more non toxic sunscreen recommendations, including these two!

Remember that makeup performs better with healthier skin. See my AM skincare routine, my favorite winter skin care routine, and the benefits of facial serum.

clean makeup routine - luci putting on mascara


This in my first blush stick and I rather like it – if only because it doesn’t require a separate brush. This Westman Atelier blush stick (I use couchette) requires just one swipe on each cheek. Then either rub it in for a very subtle color or dab it in for something more definite!

If you prefer a pressed powder and brush application, try Kosås Color & Light Powder Blush Duo. The highlighter doesn’t have as much sheen as I like, however, so I use it as an eyelid base.

Minimalist Makeup - Beautycounter highlighting balm


This was the last replacement of “toxic” makeup in my routine. This highlighting balm is a cream base, so it stays moisturized all day long and doesn’t settled into skin.

Swirl 4th finger and tap onto cheeks bones, around outer eye, on bridge of nose, and tap across forehead in winter! It’s also a refillable makeup product!


After taking a few years off of wearing eyeliner, I finally decided to start hunting a clean one down. Let me tell you it wasn’t the easiest. The one brand I had my eyes on for years ended up disappearing from my eyes within about an hour. Unacceptable.

A friend recommended this ILIA gel eyeliner (you’ll see below how much I love ILIA products). I have the duck-brown and love the formula and ease of application.

I wish the eyeliner wasn’t in a plastic container (makeup recycling here I come)and I haven’t mastered how to get a very thin line, but otherwise I’m enjoying it!

You can see one of my few easy eyeshadow looks with this eyeliner here.

clean makeup brows - ilia brow gel


I’ve shared this ILIA essential brow gel before. I’m now on my second tube – it’s just perfect for me. Eyebrow products were the last thing I added to my setup, but one of the first things I switched out in my clean makeup routine!

I use the blonde color as I always have in eyebrow products. Though it’s a gel, it doesn’t go on heavily or cake at all! I’m really loving the ILIA brow gel!

And be sure to read my eyebrow growth serum review about a product that helped me fill in my brows with just one tube!


I go through phases with eyebrow gel or pencils, so I’m sharing them both. Ere Perez Eyebrow Pencil is designed as a one-size-fits-all coloring. While I’m usually skeptical of such claims, I find this one to work well for my actually blonde-ish eyebrows!

ILIA Mascara - Clean makeup Routine Products


So. My mascara is the one product that HAS to be perfect – non toxic makeup or otherwise. I have sensitive eyes but want good coverage. I’ve tried a few clean options (read my clean mascara reviews) and have had mixed experiences.

My two favorites are the ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara and the Gen See Sport mascara. The latter has a fiber wand which I’m more used to. Both are fabulous products.

And then I don’t wear much lipstick, just one of these natural lip balms or chapsticks and I’m all set! I did just get this conditioning lipstick (in Terra). So far I’m really liking it. It’s matching my natural lip color very well and is easy to wear! If you like shine, see this list of natural lip glosses!

I’ve just recently added scent to my routine as well with these beautiful nontoxic perfume rollerballs!

Looking for summer beauty? You’ll love that list of must-have products and best practices for that au natural summer look!

Product List

Get Everything for a Minimalist Makeup Routine

See more sustainable product reviews as well as my favorite non toxic hair products and my complete Innersense organic hair product reviews!

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