Winter Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves

winter capsule wardrobe Essentials - Luci wearing Green Car coat - sustainable fashion

I know we just did the fall capsule wardrobe essentials, but it’s getting cooler and we may not to be ready to talk about this in January. So, to make sure we have our bases covered, here are my winter capsule wardrobe must-haves – obviously amenable to your climate!

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I recently went live on Instagram talking all about layering. The thing about winter fashion is that it’s easy to get discouraged and just layer on all the outerwear in an effort to stay warm. And while warm is always the most important goal, a few tricks can help you stay warm, minimize the bulk, and love dressing in colder weather!

The key to layering is to be a bit strategic and not to estimate those underlayers (tanks and long sleeve tees). In order to minimize the bulky feeling, you want to pay attention to each piece you’re wearing. A turtleneck can be a great layering piece underneath a sweater and jacket, but you want to make sure your sweater and jackets don’t both have bulky necklines – let one be bulky!

Red Beret Outfit with Striped Shirt

Layering Tanks + Tees

So this is the one necessity that nobody will see, but you’ll be SO grateful for. Depending on how cold it is and what I’m doing, I’ll do a tank and/ or long sleeve under outer layers.

For this, you need something comfortable, fitted (enough), and not any work or your layers will become too cumbersome. My favorite for tanks are cotton tanks and this long sleeve fits me wonderfully. And this turtleneck is so buttery soft.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe - Turtlenecks

High Neck Sweater

Don’t run for the hills; not all turtlenecks are created equally. I love the warmth they offer without another layer. Crew neck sweaters work well too!

If turtlenecks aren’t exactly your cup of tea, opt for looser fits and shorter necks.

I’m all for basic colors here (black, tan, gray), but mixing and matching with sweaters can be fun, so have some fun! Beware of oversized/boxy fits as they’re difficult to layer over!

With outerwear coats, I’m a fan of tailored, but don’t be afraid to size up in one to fit those layers comfortably underneath!

Tailored Coat

Winter is all about coats, but a huge, puffer coat isn’t the only option (but certainly a necessity in my book). Wool coats, car coats, and the like are great options. Anythign that’s mid-thigh to ankle length is great.

I like layering tights under pants, but the longer coats help keep legs warm too!

This car coat hits mid-calf which keeps my feet free to move as needed and I’m stay warm! Also available in camel.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe - puffer coat

Puffer Coat

And the essential puffer coat. I’ve had this same puffer coat for a few years now and I still love it. It’s a warm, cuddly layer that’s a must in my wardrobe.

It’s slightly tailored, so you won’t look like a puff ball, and the removable faux fur trim on the hood adds a nice detail.

This longer version and the shorter version are often on sale!!

I like the packability of a puffer jacket too, since it squishes more easily!

Skinny Pants

You know I’m opting for jeans here, but any skinny pant is great. With the bulk of sweaters and coats, a tailored bottom is always a good balance. Skinny pants are also great for tucking into boots!

I’d recommend a black and a blue, but you do what works best for your closet.

Check out these sustainable jeans brands!

What to Wear in Scotland in Springtime

Waterproof Shoes

This one is wide open, but let’s be real – you need shoes for when it rains (or snows depending on where you live). Rain boots are the ultimate in discomfort to me, but I’m working to find more options and looking for options that fit my orthotic inserts. Check out this B Corp rubber boot that hits all the marks for me!

Winter Capsule Wardrobe - Dress Layering


I could happily live in jeans all winter (no surprises), but I’ve enjoyed having a few dresses I can wear in winter with a little layering.

Both dresses are long sleeve. One is this mid-thigh length above and the other is a midi length.

The trick to wearing dresses in winter is layering (those tanks and long sleeves again) as well as thermal tights!

Sustainable Socks - Bombas socks - feet in green Bombas socks on Tile steps

Wool Socks

Another one of those layers few people see but that will keep you happily warm!

Wool socks sound itchy, but good ones and blends aren’t itchy. My two favorite brands for winter socks are Bombas and Smartwool.

Learn about other sustainable sock brands and see my Bombas review for why they’re a year round favorite in our house!

winter capsule wardrobe - beanie

Warm Hat

You might hate hats (or not), but they keep you warm. I’m all about beanies (chich ones obviously) to keep your precious head warm. Your scalp is one of the places your body loses heat the most, so keep it in with a cute beanie!

Sacramento blogger

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

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Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

  • Layering Tanks + Tees
  • Turtleneck Sweater
  • Tailored Coat
  • Puffer Coat
  • Skinny Pants
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Closed Toe Pumps
  • Dress
  • Wool Socks
  • Warm Hat

When it comes to selecting colors and hues, take a look at this winter color analysis that groups colors together so you can easily see what pairs well together!

Winter Travel Outfits

The best part about the winter essentials above is that they’ll be great for travel if you do it right. When shopping for any pieces your current wardrobe is missing (remember to keep your closet size in check), aim for items you can see wearing casually, dressed up, and while traveling! Items that are lighter and ‘squishy’ make for lighter luggage!

Winter Outfit Inspiration

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Sustainable Fashion

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