Sustainable Shorts for Summer

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I’ve never been a lover of shorts, I’ll be honest, but after moving to Sacramento with many a summer day reaching 100 plus degrees, shorts are now a necessity in life! I find my difficulty with shorts is finding ones that are the right length – not TOO short and not too long. Everything is relative here, but these sustainable shorts are varying midi-lengths for us all!

Sustainable Shorts

Just like any other kind of sustainable fashion item, there are a few things to look for, but before we get to any of those, just remember my go to saying: buy clothes you intend to wear for a good, long time and take care of them regardless of what they cost or where they’re from!

A few things to look for: What materials are in it? Any organic cotton, linen, tencel, recycled materials, etc. are good materials to look for. Something made with Fair Labor standards is a major plus in my book! Companies that hold onto craftsmanship, preserving arts or promoting local economies are important. And then there are OEKO-TEX options!

It’s nearly impossible to find any items that hit all of these marks, so look for the ones that are most important to you. I find that they’re all important, so if the item/brand hits at least one if not two items, it’s a win in my book!

Amour Vert Milo Femme Fête Short

Milo Femme Fête Short

Made with Femme Fête fabric – a blend of Tencel, Organic Cotton, and Linen

Rome Shorts

Rome Shorts

OEKO-TEX Certified, Made of more Than 50% Recycled Materials

Toad and Co Earthworks Camp Short

Earthworks Camp Short

OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton

Etica Haven Relaxed Short - Desert Island

Haven Relaxed Short – Desert Island

100% Organic Cotton, biodegradable shipping packaging

Cotton Pull-on Shorts

Cotton Pull-on Shorts

100% Cotton

Toad and Co Women's Taj Hemp Short

Women’s Taj Hemp Short


Able Wanda Pleated Short

Wanda Pleated Short

53% linen, 47% cotton

Nordstrom Michael Stars Mavis Linen Shorts

Mavis Linen Shorts

100% linen

Linen shorts MIA

Linen shorts MIA

100% Recyclable Product

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Sustainable Fashion

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