How to Wear a Sling Bag

It’s official, I’m obsessed with my sling bag. For a while, I didn’t understand how to wear a sling bag, thinking it was a glorified fanny pack. But now, I’ve figured it and am completely on board with the wardrobe necessity.

OK. So let’s be honest here. Is a sling bag a fanny pack? A bum bag? YES! But instead of it hanging around your waist, you can make it into a small crossbody bag that sits closely to your body.

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How to Wear a Sling Bag

  • sling bag (crossbody)
  • shoulder bag (over your shoulder)
  • bum bag (around your hips)
  • fanny pack (around your waist)

I love wearing this bag as a sling bag – over my shoulder and across my body. But the best part is that you can wear the same bag multiple ways. Just make the strap shorter or longer as needed between your waist, your hips, over your shoulder, or across your chest!

You can also see it in this casual mom outfit!

How to wear a Sling Bag

Why is it called a Sling Bag?

You can easily ‘sling’ the bag back and forth from your front to your back. I’m guessing that’s the history of the name there. Fanny Pack and Bum Bag are similarly named as is shoulder bag. Gotta love straightforward naming!

How to wear a Sling Bag - Behind Back

Fanny Pack Styles

The sizes and materials used to make sling bags is so varied, you can find exactly what you want.

This leather sling bag is from the sustainable leather company O My Bag. It comes in black, a bigger size (“maxi”), and made of plant based leathers in slightly different styles!

While this one came with this cognac leather strap and an adorable black and white knit strap (see it styled here), you can pick from a wide variety of straps, which are all so fun.

Sling bags also come in cotton, canvas, nylon, and so much more. Lo & Sons has a great option made from recycled water bottles (you know how I love recycled products)!

You’ll also want to look for sustainable wallets to go with your sling bag!

How to wear a Sling Bag

Besides being a B Corp and using sustainable leather in their pieces, I love the quality of O My Bag as a company. This is a piece I assume will last me a good, long time – with proper care of my leather pieces.

Shop the matching sunglass case – a sturdy, perfect addition to my daily necessities!

This sling bag is a key part of all my outfits these days – based loosely on these fall capsule wardrobe essentials!

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How to wear a Sling Bag - in front

Sustainable Fashion

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Photography by Sacramento Photographer Val Leddy

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