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Fashionable House Slippers for Women - Birdies Slippers

Galentine’s Day is just a few weeks away (February 13). I’ve shared my love of this day to show some love to your friends before and each year I love the holiday more and more. It’s a great excuse to get together and enjoy your friends with food and fun. Since things can be a little busy, this year’s get-together is going to be full of easy Galentine’s Day brunch and happy hour ideas.

Birdies Shoes

These adorable Birdies Slippers are my new favorite thing. I got my first pair (in leopard!) just before the holidays and loved wearing them around family for all the festivities.

Fashionable House Slippers for Women - Birdies Slippers

They’re a sleek slipper to wear around the house. Not to mention that they’re also great for when you have company and don’t want to wear heels or your sluffy slippers. They’re super comfortable and have decent structure.

They come in many colors/prints and you can choose shearling or quilted insole. They’re basically perfect.

Fashionable House Slippers for Women - Birdies Flats

I wore them around my family for the holidays. All the ladies commented on my slippers and how much they liked the chic, tailored slipper style.

So when looking for the perfect gift for my gal pals this year, birdies slippers are a no-brainer and I love that I can pick out the perfect design for each friend – making it extra personal!

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Now let’s get to the food because you know I LIVE for the food. If you plan to do the traditional brunch setup, the idea for what to make are endless. 

Since this is a day all about celebrating, I highly recommend spreading the food responsibilities amongst your friends. But then if you have that one friend…well, you know what’s best for your friends!

Here are a few fun ideas I’ve served and absolutely loved. First, drinks. This brunch sangria is pretty perfect no matter the menu. You can serve it with these basil souffles, a fruit and burrata salad, and maybe some chocolate chunk rolls that aren’t actually too sweet!

Alternatively, if you want to go SUPER LOW KEY, do the brunch sangria, a DIY yogurt parfait bar, fresh fruit, and pastries from a favorite local bakery.

This rosé cocktail is also a Galentine’s Day cocktail! It’s great for those lighter drinkers in your circle.

The great thing about this “menu” (can you even call it that?) is that you can take it to whoever’s hosting brunch. You don’t need to host and prepare the food. Share the load of this easy get-together and it’ll be even more enjoyable!

Birdies Flat Shoes Review

Galentine’s Day Happy Hour + Apps

If you’re planning to get together in the evening, then obviously we’re going to need a different setup!

A fun mix is this Citrus + Herb Picnic Punch that you can whip up that morning! Start with grilled veggie antipasto complete with fresh burrata followed by my favorite kale farro salad! Or this Valentine’s Day appetizer board is also great for a Galentine’s get-together!

If you all love eating as much as I do, then end with this giant meatballs with herbed ricotta!

Birdies Flat Shoes Review
Fashionable House Slippers for Women - Birdies Slippers

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