Natural Skin Care for Men

Clean Skincare for Men

Finding clean skin care for men is nearly impossible. Can I just tell you? There aren’t many clean options out there for men and not everything that works for my skin will work for his. And, if I’m telling the whole story here, there are just some things (scent or packaging related) that turn my husband off from even really trying a product.

I don’t mean he won’t try one of mine (he’s wonderfully tried my favorite charcoal mask and my hydrating mask), but in terms of buying something just for him – pink, fruity or floral and it’s just not happening. And who can blame him?

But in the last few years, we’ve found some products that he likes, that are clean, and miraculously that I also love to use too! Because who can blame me?!

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Clean Skin Care for Men

The first clean skin care item of mine that my husband fell in love with was the Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. I stumbled on this one a year ago after hearing of the brand for a while.

I had a big bottle of it by the sink to wash my face and he started using it because it was there and didn’t blatantly smell like girl (admittedly I don’t love super floral, fruity scents, but his nose is even pickier than mine)!

For the moment, we have this cleanser in the shower and we both use it – totally love!! (sidenote, it’s GREAT at getting makeup off).

Otherwise, however, he’s been striking out for a while. I started using BeautyCounter last year and saw that they had a men’s line, but they were sadly discontinuing it. BeautyCounter is such a wonderful clean skin care line that I was somewhat devastated they weren’t continuing to make products for men.

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So I asked my BeautyCounter friend what her husband used, figuring she’d have good ideas. She recommended this foaming cleanser and this moisturizer, comparing them to a drugstore Cetaphil in terms of weight and ease of use.

So I ordered the pair of items for my husband for Christmas. I was nervous he wouldn’t like them, but I’d sampled them previously and figured I would use them if he wouldn’t, having enjoyed them.

Well, I shouldn’t have worried – he’s very happy with the duo of clean skin care.

So now he has two cleanser options, a great moisturizer, and a lovely wife (lucky me!) who lets him indulge in a mask or a thicker cream as needed (though we may both be trying this sleeping cream in the same line as his moisturizer at some point because winter skin is tough!)

Clean Beauty Bar Soaps

Men’s Bar Soaps

And as for a body wash, he actually started using bar soaps before I did. You can read more about bar soaps, including why they’re more sustainable, often much cleaner, and a slew of brands to try.

He and I don’t tend to opt for the same scents. He does enjoy sandalwood and cedar as well as anything with oatmeal in it for a bit of exfoliation.

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Men’s Clean Haircare

My husband has a beautiful head of hair, but he had a very dude approach to it until recently (sorry, love). Since moving to Sacramento with the metallic water, he’s been aware of needs for increased moisture and even scalp care.

If you haven’t heard of Briogeo, check them out. It’s a black-owned hair care brand readily available at Nordstrom and Sephora (among others).

We first used their scalp revival oil. While it was fine, it introduced to the brand and he’s in love. Next he tried the scalp revival exfoliating shampoo. If you have build up of any kind, this shampoo is a game-changer, immediately ridding you of any buildup (yes, I used it too – it’s on my non toxic hair care picks).

But he’s since landed on the Don’t Despair, Repair! line, namely the shampoo and conditioner.

And, actually, since snapping these photos last week, he’s purchased the full size of this Be Gentle, Be Kind Superfood hair mask! He told me the mask makes his hair feel soft and refreshed. DREAMS!

Briogeo has a whole collection of various lines depending on your hair needs, so look around for you (ladies too)!

Clean Haricare for Men

Men’s Clean Hair & Skin Care

All the above men’s clean skin care and hair care products are available at Sephora (except the BeautyCounter). Nordstrom does sell the cleanser and Briogeo products as well.

Clean Beauty

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There are also great clean skin & hair care products for men!

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