Easy Eyeshadow Look for Green Eyes

Easy Eyeshadow Look for Green Eyes

My makeup changes little between day and night. I’ll amp up the bronzer and blush a bit for added definition in the darker light. And I might switch to black eyeliner as opposed to my normal dark brown, but that’s about it. But I recently discovered this easy eyeshadow look for my green eyes and it’s a game changer!

Only for events and weekend get-togethers do I venture into my very small eye shadow collection. I’ve mentioned these Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks before, but I’ve recently really loved using them as an easy alternative to eye shadows and the work of blending that can go along with it.

A few simple swipes of these colors before my usual eyeliner and mascara and I’m good to go! I have also started using a little trick in my easy eyeshadow look for green eyes to make them pop a little more without much work…

Easy Eyeshadow Look for Green Eyes
Easy Eyeshadow Look for Green Eyes

Easy Eyeshadow Look for Green Eyes Tutorial

The steps are so easy; you’ll be so happy!!

What You Need

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks in Moonlight and Khaki
Pencil Shadow Brush
ILIA Clean Gel Liner in Dusk

Steps for Green Eyes Eyeshadow Tutorial

One: Apply two light swipes of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Moonlight across eyelid beneath crease. Use mini contour brush to evenly spread color across lid, especially into inner corner of eye.

Easy Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Step Two: Apply Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Khaki to outer third of eyelid. Blend colors with a few short outward strokes with mini contour brush, increasing color toward outer eyelid. Let set for a minute (I usually do my eyebrows at this time) before applying eyeliner.

Easy Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Eyeliner Tip For Greener Eyes

Purple is one of the best colors to accentuate green eyes. I used to love MAC’s bordeauxline for the color and for the softness of the pencil. I love the look purple eyeliner gives me but don’t always want the bolder hue to be so visible. I haven’t had luck finding a similar hue in my no toxic makeup brands.

Thankfully the ILIA gel liner in Dusk (dark brown) is a great accent without being too heavy. This particular eyeliner stays on well. I do wish it were a traditional pencil that could be sharpened, so that I could get a finer line, but otherwise it’s great.

It’s best if all pencils are not dull. I love having a dual sharpener.

Easy Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

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Easy Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

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