Activist Skincare Review

You know I’m all about refills. Refill pouches? Refillable makeup? I’m there! So hearing about a skincare brand that’s ENTIRELY refillable – I had to check it out. Here’s my completely honest Activist skincare review.

Activist Skincare Samples Review

Activist Skincare

Despite all the refillable skincare products out there, I’ve yet to encounter a brand that’s entirely refillable – meaning every product has a refill option, but Activist does which is a major win in my book and honestly mad props to the brand for really doing something revolutionary!

The other FABULOUS thing? They have a trial kit in which you can try every single one of their products to decide what works best for you, or even order individual samples of products. Having tried all their products now, I’m ecstatic about this. Skin is such a personalized need. Some of their products really didn’t work for me, but I can imagine others that would love them. I also found products that I really loved…

Activist Skincare Products

Here is a rundown of all the products in their line as well as my review of each. There was only one product I HATED. Others just didn’t work for my skin type. And then there are three that I really like, and one that I will absolutely be reordering!

  • Botanical Cleansing Oil
  • Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel
  • Deep Moisture Cleansing Balm
  • Healing Water Toning Mist
  • Active Hydration Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum
  • Calming Force Clear Skin Serum
  • Precious Oils Active Infusion

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Activist Skincare Calming Serum Review

Activist Skincare has three cleansers. I assumed that I would like the Botanical Cleansing Oil the most since I’m such a fan of cleansing oils. But just like a lot of other cleansing oils, this one left my skin feeling oily at the end, so I had to follow it up with a different cleanser to feel clean.

The Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel is their cleanser that my skin and I both liked the most. It’s a fabulous one step product that you apply to dry skin. Simply rub product onto dry/”dirty” face, then rinse with water. I really liked this product. The blue color and the smell were fine – not my favorite, but the ease of using the product was lovely. If I didn’t already have this lipid defense cleansing oil (that I think is positively the best face wash), I’d probably start using this one.

The third cleanser from Activist skincare is the Deep Moisture Cleansing Balm. This one was way to heavy for my skin and with it too, I felt as though I had to use another cleanser to clean my face after using it. And I felt as though I had small breakouts within a day of using this one.

Then comes the toner (an essential part to a full skincare regimen) – the Healing Water Toning Mist. This was the product I hated. It smells of cucumbers, but not in a refreshing way – it was more of a stewed cucumber or a sitting too long scent. I couldn’t even get through the whole sample, it bothered me so much.

Next are the serums – boths of which I liked. The hydrating serum, the Active Hydration Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum, is just like any other hydrating serum.

I did notice this summer when I started using it, that my skin started to break out a bit, but I know that in summer my skin is very sensitive to my trying to over-moisturize it. So I plan to try it again when my skin is dried later this fall.

The Calming Force Clear Skin Serum is a great product for clearing skin of blemishes and even redness. I noticed pretty quickly after using this one that my face’s small blemishes seemed to dissipate and my skin tone was more even. I use this one in the evening amidst my Beautycounter products

Activist skincare care has only one moisturizing product – the Precious Oils Active Infusion…and I LOVE it! If you’ve been around a while, you know I’m a big fan of this organic face oil.

I still love that one too, but this one from Activist is my current favorite because it’s refillable; I like the scent; and you get more for your money (especially with the refill pouches). It’s a part of my AM skincare routine and will be for some time!

If you’re unsure about serums, read about the benefits of facial serum!!

Refillable Skincare Packaging - Activist Skincare Review

Refill Pouches

So if you’re into this whole sustainable living thing, you’ll be familiar with the debate about refill pouches. Because they are made of a multitude of materials (even different plastics (think #1 vs #5)), they cannot really be recycled at this point (curbside recycle or special recycling – just, no!). Boo.

BUT these refill packages take up less space and weigh a lot less which is a huge gain in transportation emissions. They also prevent product evaporation. Activist skincare actually emailed out a while back saying they were testing our compostable packaging and they found that their product was slowly disappearing out of the packaging (over not too many months).

So, I LOVE that the brand is trying other options, but also being very real with our current status!

Activist Skincare Face Oil Review

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