Skin Brightening Products

brightening skincare products

Ok. We’re getting into the good stuff about skincare now! I shared recently that I used to confuse skin brightening with wanting radiant skin (think glowy, dewy, healthy). I now understand the difference and now need both items. Whether you have hyperpigmentation from scarring, hormones, or time in the sun, these skin brightening products are THE BEST, including serums for skin brightening!

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Serums for Skin Brightening

A quick recap on trying to decide if you want skin brightening products (this is separate from finding out what your skin type is)… If you have darker spots that are from a scar (think acne), brightening products are what you want to fix that.

If you’re seeing more pigmented spots (however small or light) because you’ve been out in the sun more – products, including serums for skin brightening are for you.

If you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation – generally an uneven skin tone (I suffered from hyperpigmentation especially during and after pregnancy – very common with hormonal changes)…you want brightening skincare products.

No matter how great the below products are, however, you have to wear sunscreen everyday to help prevent discoloration. Any of these non toxic sunscreens are great!

So what do skin brightening products do? They do just that – brighten those dark spots. They’re not overall whitening products (anybody else picturing Michael Jackson?!) – they work on lightening those darker spots.

All skin brightening products use the same “ingredient” for brightening too – Vitamin C! A whole host of produce contains vitamin c (citrus, strawberries, winter squash, tomatoes, kiwis, and camu camu – a fruit tree from the Amazon). Many products also include turmeric, which is another natural brightener.

Can’t you just eat vitamin C to brighten skin? Sadly, no or you know I’d be right there. While vitamin C is AMAZING for you to eat, it really can’t reach the outer layers of your skin to help with those spots.

What about retinol? Retinol is an option for turning over skin cells as well, but it’s more intensive – you’re asking your skin to do a lot more. It’s a great option for sure, but I’d recommend a natural retinol over a chemical one as they’re much kinder to skin.

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Best Hyperpigmentation Serum

So. Serums are really your best bet for brightening skin. You can read all about the benefits of facial serum here – it’s the step you use to really make changes to your skin.

Ok. I’m going to share three products here from a FAVORITE clean beauty brands. I rave on and on about Beautycounter products, Crunchi, and Osmia products – because they’re clean; they’re effective; and they’re LOVELY.

Osmia’s skincare is ideal for people with very sensitive skin, so this Brighten Facial Serum is the best hyperpigmentation serum for you if your skin is sensitive. Pulling vitamin c from papaya, pumpkin, mushroom, algae, and wheatgrass, you’ll love the face oil feel of this brightening serum.

The Crunchi I am Bright Skin serum is the fastest acting product I’ve used yet. I noticed results within a week. You can read my Crunchi review here. It’s very effective and a nice product to use. The ‘luxury’ scent and experience are missing from this product, but it is a great skin brightening serum!

The Beautycounter All Bright C serum is the one I use and I LOVE it! The price tag was off-putting for me until my spots came back last summer, but it’s a 30mL container that will last at least 3 months. And click here to get 20% off your first purchase! If you don’t have sensitive skin, I think this is the best hyperpigmentation serum.

This is definitely more of a serum feel – thicker and it might feel a bit tacky upon application (it should really be applied after a toner). This All Bright line also includes a toner, facial oil, and spot treatment for particularly troublesome spots.

Best Face Washes for Hyperpigmentation

There are two face washes for hyperpigmentation I like – one is a cleanser and one is a facial soap bar!

The Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser was one of the first clean beauty brands and products I ever used. The sweet scent from strawberries is nostalgic for me and I can’t get enough. Use code LUCI20 for 20% off your first order.

Osmia (I told you I have favorites) also has a pumpkin facial soap bar. It pulls Vitamin C from pumpkin and tomatoes. Just like natural bar soaps, face soaps are a great option – very sustainable and highly effective.

I find this soap a little much on my eyes when trying to remove eye makeup, so I’d recommend using a cleansing oil if you have eye makeup to remove and then using this bar soap on the rest of your face.

Skin Brightening Products

Best Skin Brightening Moisturizers

I love the idea of fewer products doing more work, but moisturizers (e.g. creams) should really only have that one job – moisturizing. With that said, I’d recommend using a facial oil that has vitamin C in it. You can use it in place of a moisturizer in your skincare routine OR you can pat it on after your moisturizer to really seal in the hydration.

With more even skin tone, you’ll find that you makeup doesn’t need to do as much covering up, so you can try a more minimalist makeup routine and even this lower key summer makeup setup.

Clean Beauty & Sustainable Living

Since clean beauty is an important part of sustainable living (what we wash down the drain matters as much as what we put on our skin), be sure to check out these other clean beauty roundups:

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There are also great clean skin & hair care products for men!

And you’ll want to check out these wonderful natural bar soaps as well as body tools for smooth skin all over yourself!

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